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Sulphur Bentonite Market By type(85%, 90%), By Application(Cereals, Oilseeds, Fruits, Onions) , By Region(North America, LATAM, APAC, EMEA)

Global Sulphur Bentonite market:

The Global Sulphur Bentonite market size is anticipated at USD 320.5 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 5.8%. Increasing agricultural demand for sulfur-rich fertilizers and the growing awareness of soil health enhancement, propelling the industry growth.

Sulphur bentonite is used as secondary nutrient for the crops. Sulphur is required by the crops to stabilize the nitrogen in them, to form the chlorophyll and to boost the activities of certain important enzymes and vitamins. The sulphite usage helps in maintaining the Ph levels of the soil. The alkaline soil can be balanced and made acidic by the use of the Sulphur. Sulphur element cannot be soluble in water. Hence using the sulphur in pure form might not be adequate, as it cannot break down. For this purpose, the Sulphur is mixed with the bentonite clay and used. The bentonite clay helps in breaking the Sulphur pastilles in smaller dust form and ready for the usage by the soil. Our report segments the Sulphur bentonite market By Types (85% sulphur, 90% sulphur) By Applications (Cereals, Oilseeds, Fruits, Onions) and by regions (APAC, North America, LATAM, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, MEA).

The primary and most significant application of sulphur bentonite is in agriculture. Sulphur is an essential nutrient for plant growth and is often deficient in soils. Sulphur bentonite serves as a slow-release fertilizer, allowing for a gradual release of sulphur over time. It helps correct sulphur deficiencies in soil, which can lead to increased crop yields and improved quality of produce. This is particularly important for crops like oilseeds, cereals, and vegetables.

Beyond its role as a nutrient source, sulphur bentonite also plays a part in soil improvement. The bentonite clay component enhances soil structure by improving its cation exchange capacity and water retention, making the soil more fertile and better suited for plant growth.

Sulphur bentonite is occasionally used in certain industrial applications. It can serve as a reagent in chemical processes and reactions where the slow-release properties are beneficial. It may also be employed in environmental remediation projects where sulphur is used to facilitate chemical transformations in soil or water.

Sulphur Bentonite market size 
Global Sulphur Bentonite market size from year 2024-2030

Sulphur Bentonite market drivers:

One of the primary drivers of the sulphur bentonite market is the increasing demand for enhanced agricultural productivity. Sulphur is an essential nutrient for plant growth, and its deficiency can lead to reduced crop yields and quality. As global populations continue to grow, there is a heightened need for increased food production to meet the rising demand. This drives the use of sulphur bentonite in agriculture, as it is an efficient and cost-effective way to supply sulphur to crops, thus improving crop yields and quality.

Environmental concerns are another significant driver in the sulphur bentonite market. Traditional sulphur fertilizers, such as elemental sulphur or ammonium sulphate, can lead to sulphur runoff and environmental pollution. Sulphur bentonite, on the other hand, minimizes sulphur volatilization and runoff due to its controlled release mechanism. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice, aligning with sustainable and responsible agricultural practices, and in turn, boosting its adoption.

The increasing global emphasis on sustainable agriculture practices is contributing to the market's growth. Farmers and agricultural professionals are increasingly looking for solutions that not only enhance crop productivity but also promote soil health and environmental sustainability. Sulphur bentonite, with its slow-release properties, helps maintain the long-term health of agricultural soils while ensuring optimal sulphur nutrition for crops.

Changing dietary preferences and the growing demand for high-value crops, including fruits, vegetables, and oilseeds, are driving the use of sulphur bentonite. These crops often require higher levels of sulphur for proper development and quality. As a result, the market benefits from the shift in agriculture towards these higher-value crops.

The sulphur bentonite market is also influenced by regulatory measures and government policies. Many countries have implemented regulations promoting the use of sulphur-containing fertilizers due to their positive impact on agricultural productivity and the environment. Government subsidies and incentives for adopting sulphur-based fertilizers further incentivize their use, bolstering the market's growth.

Sulphur Bentonite market trends:

A prominent trend in the global sulfur bentonite market is the increasing adoption of precision agriculture. With the aim of maximizing crop yields while minimizing resource use, precision agriculture relies on data-driven decision-making and targeted applications of inputs like sulfur bentonite. This trend has led to a greater demand for efficient and precise sulfur delivery systems, enabling farmers to achieve optimal sulfur distribution and minimize wastage.

The market is also experiencing increased globalization and trade. With growing awareness of the benefits of sulfur bentonite in crop production, it is being traded on a global scale. This trend is facilitating the transfer of knowledge and best practices across different regions, further boosting market growth.

The adoption of organic farming practices is impacting the sulfur bentonite market. Organic farming, which restricts the use of synthetic chemicals, relies on natural soil amendments like sulfur bentonite to fulfill crop nutrient requirements.

The global sulfur bentonite market is witnessing key trends driven by precision agriculture, sustainability, technological advancements, globalization, and the rise of organic farming. These trends reflect the evolving landscape of modern agriculture, with a focus on maximizing crop productivity while minimizing environmental impacts and resource utilization. As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, the sulfur bentonite market is poised for growth and adaptation to meet changing needs.

Sulphur Bentonite market report scope:




2024 – 2030


CAGR OF 5.8%


320.5 Million USD


Value In Us Dollars and Volume In Metric Tons


By Type, By Application, By Region


North America, APAC, LATAM, EMEA


Tiger-Sul Inc., National Fertilizer, Coogee Chemicals, The Sulfur Company,  H Sulphur Corp, NEAIS, Sohar Sulphur Fertilizers LLC, Hi-tech Lubricants, Abu Dhabi Fertilizers, Desmet Ballestra Group

Sulphur Bentonite Market Recent Development: 

National Sulphur Fertiliser has announced the development of a novel slow-release sulphur bentonite fertiliser designed to boost crop nutrient utilisation efficiency. The new fertiliser will be available in 2024.

A novel technique has been devised by researchers at the University of California, Davis to eliminate heavy metals from polluted soil by employing sulphur bentonite. Comparing the new procedure to the old, it is less expensive and more effective.

A new range of sulphur bentonite products made especially for the environmental industry was introduced by Tiger-Sul, Inc. The new goods are made to remove heavy metals and other contaminants from soil and wastewater more successfully.

Sulphur Bentonite Market Insights: 

The global sulphur bentonite market exhibits varying dynamics and utilization patterns across different application segments, including cereals, oilseeds, fruits, and onions. Each of these segments has distinct requirements for sulphur nutrition, driven by factors like crop type, regional agricultural practices, and dietary preferences.

Cereals, encompassing staple crops like wheat, rice, and corn, represent a significant portion of the sulphur bentonite market. Sulphur is essential for cereal crops as it plays a crucial role in the formation of proteins and enzymes. Deficiency in sulphur can lead to reduced grain quality and yield. As cereals are a dietary staple for billions of people around the world, ensuring optimal sulphur nutrition is vital for global food security. Consequently, the demand for sulphur bentonite in cereal production remains substantial, supporting the market's growth.

Oilseeds, including soybeans, sunflowers, and canola, have become increasingly important in the agricultural landscape due to their role in the production of vegetable oils and protein-rich meal for livestock. Sulphur is a critical nutrient for oilseed crops, particularly in regions where the soils are sulphur-deficient. It improves oilseed yield and oil quality. The growing demand for vegetable oils for cooking and industrial applications, as well as the need for protein-rich animal feed, has led to a heightened requirement for sulphur bentonite in oilseed cultivation.

The fruit segment, consisting of various fruit crops such as citrus, apples, grapes, and berries, is another important application area for sulphur bentonite. Fruits require sulphur for optimal fruit development, flavor, and nutritional content. Additionally, sulphur plays a role in disease resistance, an essential consideration for fruit growers. The global shift towards healthier dietary choices and increased fruit consumption has contributed to the demand for sulphur bentonite in fruit farming, as growers seek to meet quality and nutritional standards.

Onions, while a smaller segment in comparison to cereals and oilseeds, represent a unique application area for sulphur bentonite. Sulphur is essential for onion crops as it affects bulb formation, storage, and quality. Onions are a widely consumed vegetable, used in various culinary dishes, and are important for flavor enhancement. The demand for high-quality onions with good storage characteristics and pungency has led to the use of sulphur bentonite to ensure optimal sulphur nutrition, supporting onion cultivation.

The global sulphur bentonite market demonstrates diverse application segments, each with specific crop requirements and driven by various factors. Cereals, oilseeds, fruits, and onions all rely on sulphur for optimal growth, yield, and quality.

North America is mainly driven by the widespread application of sulphur bentonite in contemporary agricultural techniques. Sulphur bentonite is a vital soil conditioner and fertiliser that North American farmers depend on in order to maximise crop yields and quality. An increasing need for sustainable farming methods and precision agriculture characterises this trend. Environmental concerns and regulatory demands are driving the market for more eco-friendly sulphur bentonite formulations and effective delivery technologies. Furthermore, North America is witnessing a rise in technological developments due to advancements in coating and manufacturing techniques.

The market for sulphur bentonite in Europe is distinguished by a harmony between contemporary farming methods and a robust focus on environmental sustainability. Precision is highly valued in European agriculture, where its use is growing. The adoption of environmentally friendly sulphur bentonite goods that lessen their influence on the environment is mostly driven by sustainability. The industry is also seeing a rise in demand for coated sulphur bentonite granules, which provide crops with a longer release of nutrients.

The Asia Pacific region, the market is experiencing robust growth, driven by the expansion of agriculture and the adoption of modern farming techniques. With the aim of enhancing crop yields and quality, the demand for sulfur bentonite is on the rise, especially in countries with large agricultural sectors like India and China. The trend in Asia Pacific is also influenced by globalization, as the region becomes a significant player in the global sulfur bentonite trade.

In the Middle East, the market exhibits a unique blend of traditional and modern agricultural practices, reflecting the region's varying levels of development and environmental concerns. There is a growing trend towards adopting more sustainable agricultural practices and the use of sulfur bentonite as part of this transition.

Sulphur Bentonite Market segmentation:

By Type 

85 percent Sulphur 

90 percent Sulphur 

By Application 





By region 


North America 



Sulphur Bentonite Market key players:

Tiger-Sul Inc.

National Fertilizer

Coogee Chemicals

The Sulfur Company 

H Sulphur Corp


Sohar Sulphur Fertilizers LLC

Hi-tech Lubricants

Abu Dhabi Fertilizers

Desmet Ballestra Group

Sulphur Bentonite Market research report

Sulphur Bentonite Market

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